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Fidget Spinner Wallpaper is a simple wallpaper designed for Windows and Android devices. Technically, any device that supports wallpapers can support this particular one. The easiest download path is available on Windows computers and Android smartphones, though. A user downloads this wallpaper, and they can see a constant fidget spinner on their desktop or homescreen. Without a doubt, fidget spinner aficionados will want to download this high quality wallpaper right away. Others may want to pass on this download.

The Rise and Appeal of Fidget Spinners

In the past couple years, fidget spinners have exploded in popularity. Consumers purchased millions of these small trinkets year after year. They're designed to help people deal with periods of anxiety or unrest or even boredom. When holding a fidget spinner, the user can flick the spinner to send it into motion. Individuals with anxiety or focus disorders may benefit most from using a fidget spinner. Sometimes they're simply used as a toy, and it's not a stretch to say they're a novelty to the average person.

Fidget Spinner Wallpaper Satisfies That Spinning Urge

For better or worse, the Fidget Spinner Wallpaper is a simple wallpaper with a static image. It's not the prettiest nor the flashiest wallpaper on the planet. True fidget spinner fans may elect to install this wallpaper to show their admiration for the spinner. The wallpaper includes a high resolution image that will look great on any desktop or smartphone home screen. With that in mind, not much else is going on here with this wallpaper, and users know exactly what they're downloading upfront.

Some Obvious Downsides With The Wallpaper

Fidget Spinner Wallpaper would have been a better wallpaper with a live image rather than a static image. At the end of the day, users are looking at a fidget spinner background and nothing else. More aesthetically appealing wallpapers are available, and live wallpapers with fidget spinners do exist at the moment. It's difficult to classify this wallpaper as being designed for anyone other than a fidget spinner enthusiast. Perhaps this wallpaper is designed more as an inside joke than anything else.

Should You Download This Wallpaper?

In the end, Fidget Spinner Wallpaper has been downloaded thousands of times since its introduction. An audience does exist for this wallpaper as strange as that may seem. A live version of this same wallpaper might make it more appealing to the average person. Nonetheless, you'll occasionally run into this wallpaper based on the fidget spinner. It's available for download right now, and it comes with a relatively small download size. A full collection of wallpapers related to fidget spinners would have been better!


  • Fidget spinner fans will want to flick the wallpaper itself
  • High quality image without any fuzziness or other issues


  • Just a wallpaper without any noteworthy features
  • A collection of multiple wallpapers would have been preferable
  • Download size is a little large for one image

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